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Posted By Teneral [Profile] [Gallery]
Category WOW UI Screenshots
Title Teneral's Base UI
Description Here's a quick picture of the current UI I'm working on. It's not actually accurate to call it "Teneral's" UI since I haven't activated it on Ten yet. =) I've been developing it on Ghrikk mostly and it's working well so far.

The major visible addons used in this pic (in no particular order):
kgpanels - the panels around/behind the chat and actionbars
dominos - the actionbar replacement addon
chinchilla - the minimap addon to let it be square and otherwise modify it
Shadowed Unit Frames - unit frame replacement; the only one visible in the pic is the player frame
grid - just the lonely little box toward the middle of the screen; there'd obviously be more in a group or raid

I'll try and get another pic when the UI's in action in a raid so everything's visible. =)
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Date Posted 12-10-2009 10:56 PM
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