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Light Brigade Guild Charter
Last Updated: September 23, 2010

About The Guild

We are a 20-man end-game raiding guild that strives to maintain a family atmosphere within the guild while still pushing our progression. We don't like drama any more than you, so we do our best to keep it out of our guild. Light Brigade is the oldest Alliance-side raiding guild on Shadow Council and we've survived as a guild by respecting each other, constantly pushing ourselves to improve, and always making sure we have a good time while doing so!

While Light Brigade does not organize RP or PvP events, many members enjoy those activities and can be found participating in them.

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Light Brigade currently raids two days a week. While our weekly raiding times are consistent, the content we explore may vary. Our current raid schedule is listed below. All times reflect the server time zone (Mountain Time), also known as Server Time (ST).
  • Tuesday: 6:00PM Ė 10:00PM
  • Thursday: 6:00PM Ė 10:00PM
Raid invites may start slightly prior to the scheduled raid times. We require that all raid members come fully prepared to every raid. This means 100% repaired, with ample potions, flasks, reagents, etc. as well as being familiar with all encounter strategies.

While we strive to be as fair as possible with giving members raid time, our primary mission is to progress; thus, raids will be built to ensure success. Typically, this means Raiders will get priority invites over Initiates or "non-raiders". The Raid Leaders reserve the right to replace or remove anyone from the raid at any time.

Raiders and Initiates are ONLY allowed to become raid-locked to a guild run of an instance where we currently spend points from our loot system for items (see below). If you have an Alt in the guild, you may join another guild or run with that Alt in a "Locked Instance". In rare cases, exceptions can be made with officer permission.

If you will not be able to make a raid or you will be late to the raid, you are REQUIRED to post letting us know that in the designated thread (stickied in the Light Brigade Raiding forum).

Repeated failure to follow these requirements and accountability standards will impact your raiding status.

Instance Locking

The following instances are "locked" for guild raiding, which means that unless a raid lead announces otherwise for a particular week, you may not lock yourself to that instance outside of our normal raids.
  • Emerald Nightmare
  • Trial of Valorl
Loot Distribution

Light Brigade uses a modified EPGP system for loot distribution. Raiders gain "effort points" for participation in raids and accrue "gear points" when they pick up gear. A member's Priority Rating (effort points divided by gear points) is used to determine who gets an item.

We also have a set "decay" on both effort and gear points at the beginning of each raid, which helps combat both inflation and point hoarding.

Our loot system is managed with an in-game addon (EPGPlootmaster), which is required for all raiders. Information on past activity and current standings can be found on the EPGP website.

Main Spec Items: Items specifically designed for a member's "Main Spec" are available to be acquired with EPGP as normal. Raid members of the spec for whom the item is intended will have first shot at the item for EPGP as normal.

Minor Upgrade: These are essentially the same as saying "Main Spec" except that you're indicating that you're willing to let others who are interested get the item first. If you win the item, you pay 80% normal Gear Point value.

Sidegrades: Items of the same gear level as someone's currently-equipped item (e.g. an epic ilevel 522 piece if you already use one) can be considered a "sidegrade". This is for cases where the new drop may be itemized slightly better than someone's current piece, for instance. These items can be purchased for "main spec" at 50% normal Gear Point value.

Offspec Spec Items: Items that can be used by a raid member, but are not obviously for their current spec, can be considered to be "offspec items". For instance, a +dodge plate item for a holy paladin. Clearly, not all items will be eligible for this. If an item is not picked up as a main spec Item by a raid member, then some items may become available as a Offspec Item. In these cases, interested raid members may roll for the item with highest roll winning and the winner will pay the guild 1 Sha Crystal to purchase the item.

"Alt" Spec: Bind-on-Equip items that are not picked up as Main or Non-Raid spec may sometimes be offered to the raiders for use on their Alt characters. In such cases, the member must pay the guild a discounted rate from the normal going auction house rate for the item and it must be used and equipped by their own alt (after the raid, obviously). This is not to allow the member to resell the item for a profit.

Initiates: These are members trialing for a raid spot and they gain EPGP like everyone else. During the trial period, Initiates should roll to show interest in items just like normal. However, regardless of current EPGP standings, a Raider will have first rights to an item over an Initiate.

"Official" Offspecs: In a handful of cases, the officers have designated someone to be an "official" offspec, which means that when we need that offspec role we won't be asking them if they mind switching, we'll be expecting them to switch. Because they will be fulfilling these roles officially as a backup, we will not be charging them Sha Crystals for their offspec pieces typically.

High Priority Rating Rules: If you have the highest Priority Rating for an item and it's an upgrade, you have every right to post your interest for it. Please remember that if you have any questions or problems concerning the loot system, contact a guild officer.

Changing Characters or Specs:
  • "We Need You to Switch" Method: If you're approached by the guild and asked to switch your alt to your main or change your main spec and you accept, you become an Initiate. (We reserve the right to waive this initiate period if we already know you can play your alt/alt spec, which is likely to be the case if you're approached). EPGP would be maintained and depending on where we are at with new content progression, some EPGP that has been previously spent may be refunded. EPGP with this scenario is generally handled on a case-by-case basis. The goal is to find a middle ground where the raider doesn't feel like they are getting screwed and the guild doesn't either.
  • "You Want to Switch" Method: If you decided you want to switch your main to your alt, or change your main spec, you must submit a formal raiding application accordingly. If it's decided by the guild to accept your app, your alt/alt spec will become your main and you will have to trial as an Initiate like anyone else. The way EPGP is handled is as follows: If you switch to a new in-game character (alt), you new main (alt) will start at zero EPGP like any new Initiate would have. Your old main would maintain its current EPGP (so we would basically maintain two separate EPGP counts) in case your Initiate period is not successful so that you can switch back to your old main and pick up where you left off. If you switch to a new spec, your EPGP is recorded and reset to zero. If you switch back to your old spec because you don't make the trial period, your original EPGP will be refunded.

"Vanity" Raid Loot

Some boss encounters contain very rare, "vanity" type items that don't directly affect raiding performance. These are items such as mounts, pets, tabards, etc. Some people may desire a particular item a great deal (a pet/mount collector or someone who thinks the item just looks really awesome) while other people may not really care very much about the item at all. Were these items to simply be "open roll" then nearly everyone would roll because there's no reason not to, but that could mean that someone might win the item that really didn't care about it much one way or the other.

In order to try and make this fair for those who highly desire an item, we've decided that these types of items/drops will be distributed via a gold bid system. People who truly desire an item can bid the set gold amount to have a chance at the item. Currently, the bid amount is set at 50,000g. Money earned goes into the guild bank.
  • People willing to pay the 50,000 gold will all roll
  • High roll wins, receives the item, and owes the guild the gold
  • Ties will roll again to determine a winner
  • People who do not win do not owe any gold to the guild
  • Item must be equipped (on main or alt); absolutely no reselling
  • Raiders only (no Initiates or FoGs unless exception is made by Council)

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Guild Information

Current Leadership

While we maintain a rank structure for organizational purposes, it's not a superiority system. All members of Light Brigade are equal, and should be treated as such. With that being said, it's still important to a guild our size that we designate leadership positions to handle the daily operations of the guild. (Hey, congrats on actually reading the Charter! If you're applying to raid, be sure and add "I have read the guild charter" on the other things to add question of the application.) Below is our current list of officers and leaders.
[list][*]Officers: Rhaegar, Wynneth, Frightened
  • Council: The Council members are officers and act as the guild's leaders and managers. They are charged with ensuring the guild runs smoothly administratively. Jointly with other key members, the Council ensures raids are scheduled and run smoothly, and loot is handled properly. They also handle personnel issues and disputes, maintain and update guild policies, and approve promotions/demotions/dismissals. A council memberís first duty is to the guild, and not to any individual member.
  • Raid Leader: A raid leader of the guild. Raid leaders lead the raids for the guild and in most cases are the "authority" while the guild is in the middle of a raid. They also plan the raid schedule, post raids to the calendar, discuss strategies, and are typically intimately involved with recruitment as well as many other guild decisions.
  • Raider: A vested raiding member of Light Brigade. Raiders are unusually dedicated people with exceptional attendance. Raiders often rearrange Real Life to suit the needs of the guild. Because of these factors, Raiders are the first choice for breaking new content. Raiders earn and spend EPGP, and can even earn standby Effort Points in many situations, so long as they remain available to step in immediately when needed. Raiders who fail to maintain the raid requirements and accountability expected of raiders will result in decreased raid invites and eventual demotion to Friend of the Guild status.
  • Initiate: A prospective member of Light Brigade. Initiates are used in raids on farm status, when Raiders are not available, or when they can fill a critical role. The initiate period is at least one month. Initiates are expected to meet all the raid requirements and accountability of Raiders. Failure to do so will be interpreted as a loss of interest in joining Light Brigade and will typically result in dismissal.
  • Alt: An alternate character of a Raider. This rank exists primarily so that members can maintain contact while not logged into their Main and be able to respond to guild chat. Alts must have the name of their Main listed in their player notes. Officers may be aggressive in removing Alts without a listed Main.
  • Friend of Guild: (FoG) Family and friends of our members, both in and out of game. These people enjoy our company for some reason and like to do other content with us (5-man, 10-man, battlegrounds, arenas, farming, etc). FoGs are required to uphold the same conduct policy as other members of the guild and maintain the good name of Light Brigade. FoGs are required to have their sponsorís (Raider or officer) name listed in their player notes section.
Sponsorship of FOGs: Only Raiders and officers can typically sponsor a FoG. FoGs cannot sponsor a FoG. FoGs without a valid sponsor will be removed from the guild. Please ensure your FoGs have your name listed in their player notes to avoid accidental removal. Officers may be aggressive in removing FoGs without a listed sponsor. Sponsors are responsible for ensuring their FoGs maintain Light Brigade conduct policy. Failure to ensure your FoGís reasonable conduct will result in dismissal of the FoG and may include a loss of sponsorship privileges for the sponsor.

Light Brigade maintains a guild bank in-game. Most areas of the bank are devoted to storing materials gathered by the guild or to be used for guild purposes. The guild also has one guild bank tab that is open for members to share and withdraw items with other members as they wish. For instance, food buffs, reputation items, etc. can be deposited by one member so that any other member in need of that item can use it. Restrictions are in place regarding the number and frequency of items that can be withdrawn from the guild bank. Changes to bank policy can be proposed by any officer for review.

Money earned by Light Brigade on raids will be used to benefit the guild. This may involve purchasing consumables, crafting materials, or other purposes. It is not typically used to purchase materials for - or supply consumables to - individual members. Members are expected to be self-sufficient in maintaining their stock of raid consumables, reagents, repairs, talent respecs, etc.

The guild does supply enchants for "main spec" items for Raiders. Off-spec items, PvP items, etc. are not covered. See a guild Banker for enchant information. Abuse of this service may result in its suspension from you or everyone.

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Member Conduct

Members of the guild are responsible for their conduct 24/7. This is not limited to just in-game as it does extend to our forums, the official forums, ventrilo, etc. If you are in-game and/or wearing a guild tag, then you represent the guild anytime you are online. Participating in public chat "spam", ninja looting, resource-ganking, unsportsmanlike and griefing behavior, or anything else that may be rude or disrespectful is not permitted. Light Brigade prides itself on our good reputation on the realm and we require all members of the guild to uphold that reputation.

Furthermore, Shadow Council is a role-playing (RP) server. While it is in no way required that you RP, please respect those who do RP and refrain from ruining their role-playing experience. If you are having a problem with a fellow member, please remember that there are officers in the guild to help resolve the problems. Please go to them first before the problem gets out of hand.

Atmosphere: We strive to maintain a family type atmosphere that aims for older age players so that conflict is minimal. Swearing or other "inappropriate" talk is not allowed in public chat (raid, guild, etc.) or public ventrilo. We are here to have fun and you should refrain from swearing while others are present as some members may have young children present in the room. Think of it as having a "PG" rating. There are designated vent channels for adult conversations.

Arguments and Drama: Drama is not tolerated, period. If you have a personal disagreement with a fellow member/officer that you cannot quickly settle in private, then it is to be taken to a Council member for resolution. If it cannot be resolved, then other officers will be brought into the situation where both sides can state their case. We are a fast paced guild, and problems will arise. However, they should not be hashed out over public guild/raid chat or public ventrilo. Drama is NOT welcomed and if you are causing it, do not expect to last long in the guild.

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Recruitment and Joining Light Brigade

We are always looking for mature players who have end-game raiding experience. While not every one who applies to Light Brigade will become a member, we try our best to fully evaluate each applicant. Please see our Recruitment Forum for details and instructions on applying to the guild. Our current class needs are available at any time on the upper-right of the site's main page.

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Alts & Raiding

Full-time Light Brigade members are allowed to have alternate characters, referred to as Alts in the guild. If your Alt is needed in a raid, a Raid Leader may ask you to bring your Alt instead of your Main. In this case, your Main will earn the EPGP for the raid. Alts WILL NOT raid unless requested by the Raid Leader to allow progress rather than have to call a raid. Alts may roll for loot if/when it becomes available for "Offspec" rolls. Alts will not receive loot over a Raider main.


It is required that members use ventrilo voice chat during raids. Furthermore, we require members to have and be able to use a microphone during every raid to communicate over ventrilo as many encounters require it. If you donít have a working microphone and ventrilo, donít expect to raid; itís REQUIRED.

Outside of raids, open voice communication is permitted and welcomed. However, during the raid, we ask that you limit the chatter and let the Raid Leaders lead. We ask that you instead use raid text chat to communicate, unless it is something that everyone needs to hear and is very pertinent to the raid. During the raid, the majority of instructions for boss encounters will be given out over ventrilo prior to the start of the fight. This does not mean the raid leader will be teaching the fight, but rather assigning roles for the fight. (Remember: members are required to have researched boss fights before they see them for the first time.) Depending on the instance and the difficulty, small talk may be permitted by the Raid Leader while we are clearing trash mobs.


We require all members to use certain mods/addons. If you have any questions about these mods, feel free to discuss them with an officer or other member of your class.
Some classes may also require certain class-specific mods such as Healbot Continued, Decursive, or other addons.

Leaving Light Brigade

While we're confident that people who join Light Brigade are going to want to stay in Light Brigade, there are occasions where someone may wish to try and find a spot in another guild for whatever reason. We understand that people may think the grass is greener elsewhere and we wish them the best of luck in whatever they want to do. However, anyone applying, trialing, or otherwise trying to join another guild needs to leave Light Brigade first.

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