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Light Brigade Recruitment Are you looking for a new guild home? Let us know here!

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Default ***How to Apply to RAID With Light Brigade***

Welcome to Light Brigade Recruitment

We recommend you read Tank Spot's How To Get Accepted Into Any Guild guide as well as Ionadh's Unofficial Guide for Writing a Successful Light Brigade Application for some great information and tips before proceeding.

Class Needs
We will NEVER turn away player solely because their class is in low demand. That said, an applicant for a non-open class will need to be truly outstanding. Please see the "LB Recruiting" box on the site's main page for current class needs.

How Do I Join Light Brigade?
First off, you need to completely read the Guild Charter. No, really. If you don't read it all, you'll miss some hidden info. Once you fully understand the charter, you need to review the requirements below. If you meet the requirements, then please complete and submit your application.

General Requirements
  • Maturity -- All guild members must uphold a mature and respectful environment. The far majority of our raiders are older adults, however we understand that younger people play this game as well. While younger raiders are very rare, we may except them on a case by case basis. Any younger raider will be closely scrutinized and held to the same high standards.
  • Max level with appropriate-level gear, fully socketed, and appropriately enchanted
  • Availability for scheduled raids (review Guild Charter for raid schedule)
  • Ventrilo installed
  • We require that you have and be able to use a microphone to communicate over Ventrilo for all raids
  • We require you to research boss encounters and learn not only your own responsibilities, but the entire encounter
  • Stable internet connection and a reliable computer
  • Existing "Friend of Guild" or former guild members will be held to the same standards as any other applicant

Recruitment Requirements
We require you to have a microphone for a verbal interview with an officer and/or other members on Ventrilo.
You understand that if you get a guild invite, you will have to serve a trial period before becoming a full member. During this trial period, your performance, conduct, attitude, and behavior will all be evaluated.

1. Initial Application Phase
Once an application is posted, we will do a quick review regarding whether or not the application meets any current class needs or is otherwise particularly promising as well as if it meets minimum standards. A reply will be made in the application thread noting if an application doesn't meet minimum standards or if the app has been copied for member commenting.

2. Application Review
Applications that aren't initially denied will be available for commenting both in the public application thread as well as for guild members to comment privately. Based on the member comments and review as well as general feedback from the officers, a particular application may be selected for an interview.

3. Applicant Interview
Any application selected for interview has a strong chance to be given a trial guild invite. Interviews are typically conducted in-game and via ventrilo. Having a microphone so that you can speak to the recruitment officer and/or other members at this time is required. During the interview, we'll get to know a bit more about you and also let you know a bit more about Light Brigade. If you are actually reading through the applications instructions please add 'I have read the application instructions' in the other things to add section.

4. Initiate Status
Most applicants who are interviewed will then be extended a trial guild invitation. At this time, the new member is an Initiate in the guild, as described in our Guild Charter. This trial period will typically last one to two months and will allow the guild to get a feel for the applicant as well as to let the applicant decide whether or not Light Brigade is a fit for them.

5. Membership Decision
During the Initiate phase, guild officers and other members will be seeing how well the new Initiate fits with Light Brigade. Based on the results of the Initiate phase, an applicant will either be promoted to full member, demoted to friend of guild status, or removed from the guild with our best wishes on their future success.

If you fully meet all of these requirements, please continue with your application. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not waste our time or yours.

To post an application, copy the template below and create a new thread in this forum where you fill out the form.

Note: Before submitting your application, we recommend copy-pasting the content to a text document in case there is any issue with the submission.

As your thread Title use:
--> Spec, Class - CharacterName
For Example:
--> Prot, Paladin - Teneral


Light Brigade Application Form

Your age?
Character Name:
Character Class:
Armory Link: or RealID:

1. What is your game and raid time availability (specific days and server times)?

2. Why did you choose your current talents? Do you ever change talents or glyphs for particular encounters (if so, please give us some specific examples)?

3. What is your secondary specialization? Are you comfortable playing that spec in a raiding environment if called upon to do so? Do you have appropriate current-tier gear for that spec?

4. What major add-ons do you use to help you better perform your chosen raiding role? (If you don't use add-ons, please explain.)

5. What is your previous raid experience? (Be specific, please)

6. What steps do you take to prepare yourself for a new raid encounter?

7. What other guilds (particularly on Shadow Council) have you been in and why did you leave them?

8. What are you looking for in a guild and why do you think Light Brigade would be a good fit for you?

9. Do you know any current or former Light Brigade members? If so, what is your relationship with them? Is there anyone currently in the guild that would be willing to vouch for your performance and ability?

10. Is there anything else you would like to add that we should take into account when reviewing your application?

(Optional) Feel free to add a link to a screen shot of your raiding UI and/or any World of Logs type raid parses if available.


Once you have posted your application, it will be available for discussion and member commenting.

If you wish to find out the status of your application, you may contact a current Light Brigade officer in game.

Thank you and have a nice day,
~Light Brigade Officers~

Updated: April 11th, 2013
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