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Light Brigade Recruitment Are you looking for a new guild home? Let us know here!

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Old 03-29-2008, 03:20 PM
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Default *** How to Apply to be a Friend of the Guild ***

Occasionally, people may wish to join Light Brigade's ranks solely as a "guild friend" rather than as an actual raider. This may be an old guildie that's no longer active, someone well known to a lot of the guild, or similar. Light Brigade welcomes these people, but we don't allow just anyone to join up.

How Do I Join Light Brigade?
First off, you need to completely read the Guild Charter. Yes, even for non-raiders. *grin*

Once you fully understand the charter, you need review the requirements below. If you meet the requirements, then please complete and submit your application.

General Requirements
We require you to be a mature player. We understand that there are young adults who play this game; therefore, we will not deny your application solely on your age.
The more known you are to our members, the better chance we'll consider you for a Friend of the Guild. If you've known lots of guildies, helped us out in the past, etc., we'll be a lot more likely to invite than if you just know one member.

To post an application, copy the template below and create a new thread in this forum where you fill out the form.

Note: Before submitting your application, we recommend copy-pasting the content to a text document in case there is any issue with the submission.


How old are you?
Character Name:
Character Class:

1. Who do you know in Light Brigade and what is your relationship with them?

2. Why do you want to join Light Brigade as a "Friend of the Guild"? (please be as detailed as possible)

3. How do you spend your time in game?

4. You've read our Guild Charter and decided to go forward with your application. What about the charter appeals to you? What would you change?

5. What other guilds on Shadow Council have you been in and why did you leave them?


All Friend of Guild applicants need to be sponsored by an already-established Light Brigade guild member. Once you have posted your application and it’s not denied, the application will be moved for discussion and member commenting. After an appropriate amount of time for discussion, please have an established Light Brigade guild member contact the guild recruitment officer, or another officer in game for an invite.

Thank you and have a nice day,
~Light Brigade Officers~

Updated: Jan 24, 2013
Teneral, tankadin
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