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11-02-2007, 12:59 AM
Doom Lord Kazzak

We started off the evening dining on that most succulent of demons, the Doomlord. Not just any doomlord, though, the head honcho Doom Lord Kazzak himself!

http://www.lightbrigades.com/images/doom_lord_kazzak_sm.jpg (http://portal.lightbrigades.com/portal/index.php?page=4&smartor_mode=album_showpage&pic_id=237)


For a second course, Light Brigade set our sights on that overgrown Fel Reaver known as Doomwalker. A few Earthquakes and Overruns later, he was just a giant pile of scrap at our feet.

http://www.lightbrigades.com/images/doomwalker_sm.jpg (http://portal.lightbrigades.com/portal/index.php?page=4&smartor_mode=album_showpage&pic_id=238)