View Full Version : Good News Monday!

04-30-2007, 11:51 PM
We had another short guild meeting Monday night. We reiterated that the Karazhan instance is not closed to guild-only runs at this time, so we encourage everyone to form up groups however they like, whether it be with guildmates, friends out of guild, or a combination. Our main focus as a guild right now as far as raiding goes, is Gruul's Lair and all of the other 25-man instances. While Karazhan has nice gear for many people, all of the various heroic instances often have comparable or even better gear, so we need to make sure we're not neglecting them.

We also mentioned that we're going to be recruiting more people to the guild in the coming days and weeks. We're looking for mature, dependable people who can fit with our play/raid style and are interested and available to raid. Further, the officers are investigating various DKP systems and programs, and once one is found with which we're happy, we'll be implementing it in our 25-man raids (5- and 10-man raids will remain non-DKP).

After the guild meeting, the Karazhan group went in and put the beat down on Nightbane (http://www.wowwiki.com/Nightbane_%28Boss%29), giving us our first guild kill of the fiery dragon!

http://www.lightbrigades.com/images/nightbane_sm.jpg (http://portal.lightbrigades.com/portal/index.php?page=4&smartor_mode=album_showpage&pic_id=92)