View Full Version : LB Raid Progression

04-13-2007, 11:24 PM
This was certainly a good week for Light Brigade. In Karazhan, we smacked down the first five bosses without breaking a sweat and then went on during the week to kill not only Terestian Illhoof, but also the Shade of Aran & The Prince for the very first time!

Don't think that was the end, though -- far from it. Thursday night, the guild went into Gruul's Lair and taught high King Maulgar that Light Brigade's in town and he shouldn't stand in our way. On only our second real raiding night attempt, LB put the big ogre and his four cronies into the grave. In the process, Barthilas got his Tier 4 shoulders, giving him the first T4 2-piece bonus in the guild!

Awesome work all around, everyone. Congratulations on a great week of raiding so far! Be sure to check out our photo gallery (http://portal.lightbrigades.com/portal/index.php?page=4) for some great pics!